Effie | Accredited Senior Agent

I am a Pivotal-Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) trained to deliver relevant and meaningful services to seniors and their families who need special consideration. As a realtor, I help people buy and sell homes. As an ASA, I help seniors prioritize their real estate-related needs.

In my over thirty years of experience in real estate sales, I have come across many situations with friends and clients where the adult children of elderly parents require extra guidance concerning the sale of their parents’ home. I have always sought better ways to help them.

Many questions arise about making arrangements related to the needs of loved ones and the sale of their property. Questions about where their parents will live, transition moving, care facilities, estates, and other related concerns. I can also assist with what to do with household belongings and logistics. I can help organize your transition.
I have access to a “Network of Exceptional Specialists” – professionals in Canadian tax laws, estates and estate planning, wills and trusts. There are options on ways to release the equity in your home for future living expenses. I can assist you with this if required.

Less than one percent of all Canadian realtors have the prestigious “Accredited Senior Agent” professional designation. I am proud to be in this elite group and am looking forward to being of service to any senior who may benefit from my expertise.

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